What is a flotronic pump

Flotronic deals with one nut design. It includes the following main things. Some of them are mentioned below:

1. Longer lasting Diaphragm pumps

2. Faster maintenance

3. Lower cost spares

4. Safety

5. No Lubrication

Pump Features

Some of the Flotronic pump features are as follows:

1. Flotronic is the easier pump in the market to reassemble.

2. It provides a great advantage in the cleaning purpose

3. Flotronic can be included in the CIP loops

4. These pumps are certifies to both 3A and EHEDG

5. Each pump contains an individual serial number.

Series of Flotronic Pumps

Flotronic pumps include Flotronic Slim Style F Series Pumps and G Series- Good Food Pump.

Flotronic Slim Style F Series Pumps

There are some important features of Flotronic Slim style F series pump. These are as follows:

1. It is available in 316 stainless aluminum and other exotic metals.

2. It is compact and is self draining

3. It supports a high temperature of 250 degrees F.

G Series-Good Food Pump

Some features of G series-Good Food Pump are as follows:

1. It provides low shearing pumping of viscous and food products.

2. It provides a tool-free maintenance with T bars.